Dave Horton offers copywriting in Naples

Naples Copywriter and Press Releases

As a Naples copywriter, I am going to let you in on a secret.  Press Releases are awesome tools to help your business thrive, and they are free!

Short-staffed newspapers and magazines like The Naples Daily News, Ft Myers News Press and Gulfshore Life are eager to accept press releases. Without them, their publications would feature only ads and stories their in-house writers create. They need content!

Many times, a properly written press release will offer better traffic for your business than a high priced ad, as readers have their guards down when they are being informed, not solicited.

As a Naples copywriter, I write simple press releases weekly for a home builder, which includes new company info, details and contact information along with an attractive color photo. In print, this piece will occupy editorial space that would be worth hundreds, maybe over a thousand dollars in advertising space. And it is free! This builder marvels every Monday when visitors stop by the sales center with the story from the newspaper in their hand. This has been so effective, that they have sharply reduced their print advertising budget. Who needs paid ads when free press releases generate more sales?

Here’s How I Can Help You

1. Schedule – I will set up a list of publications where your information would be suitable for their readers. I will establish a schedule and gather information for each article.

2. Copywrite – I will prepare your story in a manner that is acceptable for press release publication. Press release writing is a delicate process. There is a thin line between educating and selling. If a publication feels a submission is too “selly” it will be deleted. I write using limited adjectives and abundant information that will satisfy both the editor and reader.

3. Photography – I will take photos that enhance your brand and attract readers.

4. Distribution – I will be sure your press release is submitted before deadlines and communicate with the editors to ensure your piece is suitable for print.

5. Report – I will submit a report of publications where your piece was published. Only after the piece is published will you receive an invoice for my services.

Contact me today and let’s discuss how I can help you sell. I will show you that I mean business!