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A professionally built website I create, along with my SEO services (Search Engine Optimization) leads to results. Results that will positively affect your bottom line. As a result, I deliver a steady stream of prospective customers to your site, introduce them to your product or service, and make it easy to contact you so you can close the sale. I design websites for businesses in Naples, Florida and other locations throughout the U.S.

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Little Wrigley Baseball Academy
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Smitley Tables & Bench
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EJ’s Bayfront Cafe
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Collier County Pressure Cleaning
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Website designers today can’t be “one-trick-ponies”. Building a successful site requires expertise in design, user interface, development, programming, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills, and the IT (Information Technology) skills to deploy and maintain the servers that deliver your site to the world.  I combine these elements and deliver results.

My 4 D's of Website Creation

Today it takes more than just a great website to succeed on-line. That’s why I don’t stop working once the site is built. Typical projects have these 4 components.


Analysis of your target customer. What are they looking for? What keyword phrases do they use in searching for your product or service? What are their demographics? What are the key problems they are searching for solutions for? Only after we have the answers to these questions do we develop a design concept that will grab their attention, answer their questions, and point to you as the solution to their needs.


After a Responsive Web Design has been approved I go to work on developing the site. I will take the initial design concept and turn it into optimized Web pages, tuned to rank well for the chosen keyword phrases. Features like random client testimonials keep the site interesting to visitors and provide ever-changing content for the search engines to index


Once the finished site is approved by you I’ll take care of the web hosting and deploy it on my secure server. You’ll never be in the awkward position of having a web designer and a hosting company pointing their fingers at each other when something goes wrong. I am the designer and host so if any issues arise, I’ll take care of it. My low number of sites to a server assures quickly loading sites which decrease bounce rates and increase search rankings.


Now that your site is live I can go to work on dominating your competition. My SEO and PPC campaigns will ensure a steady flow of prospective customers to your site. Content marketing including blog posts, article publishing, and video marketing all work together to make your site highly visible to prospects and the search engines. Occasionally a prospect will ask me what is my specialty. My answer… RESULTS! I have a proven track record of getting my clients ranked highly in the search results and delivering a steady stream of prospects to my clients. I work with almost every industry to develop a successful online presence. In particular, I’ve helped restaurants, builders, health care and waste management.