Need Changes Made On Your Website?

As a website management specialist in Naples, I can help you with edits on your website.

Your website is up and running, dominating the search engines such as Google, but you want to make changes to your site.

Your options are…

1. Contact your original web developer, who may be busy and not have time for your small request. Or is no longer in business. Or is charging outrageous fees to perform simple tasks.

2. Hire an in-house web tech to put out fires when needed.

3. Contact me for immediate web edits. I charge you a flat fee to do both small simple jobs and large complicated jobs. I will provide you with a quote before I begin.

What I can do for you and your website
-Add content
-Make edits (correct spelling errors, punctuation, etc.)
-Insert and replace photos and art
-Replace and insert videos
-Add forms
-Boost your keywords to enhance SEO
-Update your WordPress theme or  plugins
-Remove malware and insert web security plugins
-Anything else your site requires.

No need to keep a web tech on the payroll, when most of the time he’s probably playing solitaire just to look busy.  The person who built your website was happy to do the big job, but puts your request on the backburner when you call for a small job.

As a website management company in Naples, I can help you, most times, the same day.

Contact me today and let’s discuss how I can help you sell. I will show you that I mean business!