Stay out of the Trash

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Stay out of the Trash

Email marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to “Sell your Stuff.”  As streamlined as this way of marketing has become, there are still a few “gotchas” of which you need to be aware.
One of those gotchas is how you treat the people on your list, especially those who don’t open your emails.
Internet service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! and others do goofy things. Because they’ve been inundated with spam throughout the years, they’ve developed some intricate ways to determine how “good” your email list is. On the surface, they’ll rate how many inbox bounces you’ve gotten, how many emails you’ve had marked as spam, and so on.
If you don’t earn a good rating, the emails you send might not even hit your subscribers’ inbox at all; instead, they’ll go sit in your spam folder. Because of this, your goal should be to have an engaged list, one that has a good percentage of emails that get opened and read.

It’s good practice to “cull the herd,” so to speak. Take the people who haven’t opened an email in a set amount of time—say, two months, give or take—and put them on an entirely different list with an entirely different provider. This way, the ISPs won’t count those not-engaged subscribers negatively toward the health of your list, and your primary emails will land in inboxes and not junk folders.If you would like to setup or streamline your email list, please contact me and get started today.

Dave Horton
Dave Horton Advertising